Get 5000 words worth of picture messaging . . .

If you had not heard, then radio 2 are currently in the middle of their annual 500 words competition for under 13 year olds.

My (almost 9) year old has aspirations of entering, but unfortunately lacks the motivation to actually write anything down.

He made an absolutely brilliant start, with a lot of prompting and suggesting from me, asking the right questions and setting up triggers for him to generate his own answers.

He is rather better at drawing than writing  – maybe all he needs is a picture . . . . after all then he would have 1000 words worth . . . .

remember this?
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Featuring George Clooney. (your #1 marketing mistake)

In continuation from last weeks theme of looking good, face to face, and maintaining that look on your business card.

I am now coming onto the rest of your marketing, flyers and website, invitations, banners and promotions . . .

But less on the actual items themselves, and more on the content and ingredients of your branding for these items.

SO go with me on this for a bit . . . . . does George Clooney look good to you? Continue reading