5 tasks for a perfect end of year accounts method

It’s that time of year when all accountants and bookkeepers start to get  really busy and some of us small business owners might go into a bit of panic depending how organised we are . . . . .
. . . Have you done your end of year accounts yet?

. . .the tax return deadline for 2015/16 year is the end of January 2017 . . .but with christmas distraction in the way, then it is easy for the time to fly by without realising. . .
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How is your child’s Learning Journey?

Summer is on the wane now, and I am looking forward to being able to properly get stuck in to some work once the boys are back at school on the 8th September.

7 long weeks (and an inset day) – what on earth are Staffs CC thinking about? . . . Will there be any numeracy and literacy skills retained among the lego and minecraft clutter, once they get back to school?

How is your child’s learning journey – has that been disrupted by 7 weeks too?

I watched A TV programme last night about the challenges some people face to get their children into the “right” school.

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