6 ways to make it good to talk

Talk, you can all do that can’t you . . . .

my family will all say I talk too much . . . I am old and wise enough now to agree with them . . .

. . . and I get tired of it sometimes. . . especially when I have to repeat myself when my kids are not listening.

And talking in front of everyone at a business networking – that is not always  so good – so I will come back to this later . . .

But sometimes it’s good to talk . . . Continue reading

How to make sure you look good

This really kind of follows on from last week, where I talked about networking and meeting people.

So are you making sure you look good, and what about your business card, are you making sure that looks good too?

It stands to reason that for anyone to take you seriously then you want to be certain to look good.

So before you go out, have a shower, dress smartly, brush your hair, polish your shoes, add a touch of lipstick – if thats’ you . . . . Continue reading

more of the people more of the time

I have a few new ideas in the pipeline, for marketing Wild Ideas, this year, and as ever, am feeling excited and optimistic about what my business can achieve.

I hope you too have lots of plans, and are focussed to get going.

The willpower for me to get back into things is proving hard . . .

. . . . .It has taken two hours catching up on a couple of recorded episodes of my favourite TV shows (whilst folding clean laundry, I might add), before I have finally sat down at my desk today.

As all of you in business will be aware, the one thing that every business needs to be able to do to be sustainable is to have as many successful ways of getting and keeping customers as possible. Continue reading

This is not my area of expertise

Can you remember as a child getting all excited by new technology, and being better at setting the video recorder than your parents and then wondering why they just did not seem that interested?

Well I think I have come full circle now, because I have embraced a lot of technology as I have grown up, and got to a point where my brain is just not that interested in it anymore.

Its hard work learning new stuff, and much as I should get excited at the prospect of a new gadget, or mobile phone . . . Continue reading