The truth about Design and Artwork

In order to print something OR view it on a website – you have to have a piece of artwork for the printer to print. . . . or the web master to code.

And that piece of artwork has to be the correct dimensions, resolution and colour mix to match the final process it is being used for.

The technicalities for understanding and creating artwork are skilled . . . particularly in some high complex print processes.

However . . . being technically skilled is not the same thing as having a great eye for captivating visual layout and fantastic graphic design. . . .

That takes a whole different kind of creative ability . . . . . Continue reading

The Mystery of the Confused Clients

However much I try to make things as clear as possible for my clients, I guess no-one is perfect!

And what seems to me (from my experienced design perspective) the most straight forward and obvious thing, can of course be quite complex to understand without the benefit of ingrained familiarity.

I had similar client experiences with two completely separate projects earlier this year, which at first glance appeared to be issues with the print. . .
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Service where it matters

This week I had a delivery from my favourite online printer who I use for 90% of my work.
Normally their print quality is exceptional.

Particularly when you factor the price in, and that although they have offices in the UK, the main printing plant is in Germany, and the print prices they charge, include delivery to the UK . . .

. . . . and even allowing for a markup on their prices to cover my artwork and arrangement fee, they still are cheaper (on most print runs) than printers local to me. Continue reading