(How) do you respond?

Respond, answer, say something in reply, react, retort.

1. Are you good at it?
2. Do you even bother?
3. Does it depend who is asking and what they say?

Q. How bad do you feel when others DO NOT respond to you?

Last week my eldest son turned 9.**
Apparently, according to his teacher (from yesterdays parents evening) he listens well in class!

I pretty much know that he listens to me, but he chooses* to hardly ever respond!

A. Well its often irritating, it can be annoying and, sometimes frustrating, particularly when you have asked a question.
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Is this a 2 way street?

Tonight I am attending an FSB event at 6pm in Newcastle -under-lyme, and my business partner Dennis at DBN is going too!

OK no big deal, I hear you say, but those of you who know the trouble I had, getting lost on my way to Edgbaston in Birmingham may well smile to yourself . . .

. . . “how is she going to manage that without a Sat Nav?” Continue reading