This is not my area of expertise

Can you remember as a child getting all excited by new technology, and being better at setting the video recorder than your parents and then wondering why they just did not seem that interested?

Well I think I have come full circle now, because I have embraced a lot of technology as I have grown up, and got to a point where my brain is just not that interested in it anymore.

Its hard work learning new stuff, and much as I should get excited at the prospect of a new gadget, or mobile phone . . . Continue reading

2b or not to 2b!

You may have noticed the blog page looks a little different this week . . .  read on and it will become clear.

Anyone who has done anything about marketing recently will know that we are constantly being reminded of the benefits of the internet, and social media, to promote ourselves.

Regular updates and interactions with your audience, snippets of info on what you have been up to and how you are feeling. Continue reading