“Oh yes! thank you mummy!”

Happy 2015!

I just had a quick read of my first blog for 2014, and I am pleased to say that this Christmas has been a lot more successful than the last one. . . .

. . . the childhood appreciation stakes have most definitely increased 100% – but possibly due to the standard of the presents?

I forced myself to get out of bed at a sensible time so I could see the boys open some of their presents, if not all . . .

. . . and my eldest really made my day, with his genuine and heartfelt “thank you mummy for my ipad” . . . .

. . . which was what he had asked for months ago, but was only 90% sure of getting –

and then to see the real genuine pleasure and surprise on his face as he opened the Lego Creator Bike Shop and Cafe set . . .

“Oh yes! thank you mummy!”

. . . . he had asked for this too but once he realised the price of it, he had known that it was too much money for Aunties or Grandmas to pay for. . . .

. . . and as he knew that the ipad was his “only” present from mum and dad, he had been ready to offer a trade off and have the lego instead.

(Too late at this point, ipad was purchased!)

Anyway, with contributions from Aunty and Grandma, (and a rather generous Secret Santa, who always gives the boys some money), the Lego set was purchased. . . .

. . . So he kind of got to have his cake and eat it too.

And youngest son was happy too. . . .

. . . my cynical view on Dad’s purchase of an unrequested scalextric was (thankfully) proved wrong as both boys and dad played for what seemed like an exceptionally long time with it. . .

. . . plus batman Lego, and the inevitable scooby doo colouring books and pens meant happy faces all round.

Even Christmas dinner got eaten without too much grumbling about sprouts and sausages! (The pigs in blankets is now the best bit).

*  *  *
But now its time to dive back in to work, and try to stick to my resolutions and business goals.

After a half hearted attempt at Mailchimp 18 months ago, and a bit of a struggle to get to grips with it, I finally had another go. . . .

. . . . managed to load in my contact list (with a bit of help from an Apple script, in order to save it as a mail chimp compatible format) . .

. . . and will be using it to email the notification about this blog. (fingers crossed)

Not sure if I completely know what I am doing, as it will be the first time, but decided to stop making excuses and heck . . . . . Just Do It!

Got a few other new things in the pipeline to emerge from Wild Ideas this month, so will be doing those too.

If you have stuff that you have been hesitating about then isn’t the new year a great reason to just make a new start, and get on with things?

Something is better than nothing, so don’t worry too much if it’s not quite perfect, you can tweak and improve it later . . .

. . . and apparently  –  “if you are not making mistakes then you are not trying hard enough”

Thanks for reading.

BIG Perfectionist

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