Great Offer for Small/Startup Businesses

  • Are you a small business or a new startup?
  • Overwhelmed by the outlay required to get set up?
  • You need to get a good design for your logo, business cards, posters, leaflets.
  • You need a website, but feel you can't afford it yet!!!
  • But without the website, do you quote a Gmail address on your business card/leaflets?
  • Doesn't look very professional, does it?


We have the answer!!!


In partnership with DBN Web Design, we have a great offer for you:

Great New Offer for Small/Startup Businesses


Free Website

When you get over £100 worth of design work done by us, you can get:

  • A FREE one page website,
  • With a or domain,
  • With your own email address.
  • Hosting for one year. DBN Web Design's 'Starter Hosting Package' with all the features included. After one year, normal hosting charges apply.
  • Domain Registration for or domain for two years. After two years, normal domain registration charges apply.
  • All set up for you.



  • Can I update my site myself?
    • Yes. You have full access to your hosting account. So if you feel confident, you can update the details yourself.
    • Alternatively, we can update the details for you for a minimal charge.
  • Am I tied in with Wild Ideas/DBN Web Design?
    • No. You have full access to your domain registration. So if you subsequently want to move elsewhere, you are free to do so.
  • The domain is great, but I want a .com domain.
    • No problem. Just pay the difference.
  • Can I upgrade from the 'starter' hosting?
    • Yes. Again, just pay the difference.
  • Will my web page be mobile friendly?
    • The web page in this offer will display perfectly well and be fully functional on tablets and mobile devices.
      If you would like a full responsive website or a specific mobile site, we would be happy to discuss the options.
      If this all sounds very confusing, we would be happy to explain what it all means and answer any of your questions.
  • This sounds great. What do I do now?